a screenshot of Kathrein website product search page

Membership Website for Kathrein USA

Kathrein USA is part of a global company and a market leader in professional antenna systems. Your cell phone is probably connecting to one of their antennas every day.

Kathrein USA needed us to create a membership website that would integrate into their new WordPress website. Kathrein’s website visitors are primarily engineers who need access to a private member directory of pattern files. These pattern files help the engineer determine which antenna will do the job and where to place it for maximum coverage.


The previous membership website was on a proprietary system supporting thousands of users. Unfortunately, the user interface was also very limited. If an engineer wanted an antenna pattern, the engineer would have to hunt and peck through a half dozen or more directories to try and find that file. It was a pain and made the engineers work much harder than they needed to.


The new membership website solution, was broken down into three stages:

  • Stage 1: Evaluate and select a curated set of off the shelf WordPress plugins that would exceed Kathrein’s existing system in every way.
  • Stage 2: We would then customize the plugin settings and style the search results pages to match the Kathrein USA Theme.
  • Stage 3: Integrate pattern files with WordPress Search and deliver data-rich results in beautiful tables that work on desktop and mobile environments.

The new membership website provides a better user experience for the engineers, is a breeze to maintain for the Kathrein USA staff, and built to scale on a foundation of well supported WordPress plugins.

Develare’s philosophy is to try and leverage as much of the WordPress Core functionality as possible. We’re also big fans of leveraging the rich ecosystem of plugins from the WordPress Community. Whether you are a billion dollar antenna company or a scrappy small business, we’re all about delivering value and making the most of your marketing budget.


How much does a membership website cost?

That depends on where you are starting. In Kathrein’s case, they had an existing WordPress website that allowed us to drastically reduce the price. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (281) 552-8717 or fill out the quote form below.

Because of our “No Haggle” pricing, we can typically give you a pretty good estimate on the phone and a formal proposal by the next business day.