A screenshot of adapt2solution website showing home page banner

Energy Industry Website Design for Adapt2 Solutions

Adapt2 Solutions provides enterprise level software solutions to the energy industry. That includes clients that are energy generators, retailers, traders, utilities and asset managers. Adapt2 wanted a dynamic professional website design. To meet this requirement, Develare incorporated video, custom drawn animations and rollover effects.

However, none of this would have mattered if the page didn’t load quickly. Careful selection of plugins and coding practices were employed to make sure the homepage and the other pages of the site didn’t keep their leads from quickly accessing information.

There are many customized layouts for this site as well. Typically this would add thousands, even tens of thousands to the price of the website. However, Develare uses a lightweight and versatile page builder plugin that allows complex layouts and smart grouping of information. The Generators, Community Involvement, Front Office and other pages are made using the page builder plugin.

Like some of our other projects, some of the pages were built by the Develare team and others by the client’s in-house team. The Develare team created key mobile friendly reference pages. The in-house then made the rest of the new pages. This approach lowered development costs and allowed us to focus resources on more complex tasks like custom animations.

How much does an energy industry website design cost?

By using page builder plugins and teaming up with in-house resources, we were able to create a professional website for much less than the typical agency. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (281) 552-8717 or fill out the quote form below.

Because of our “No Haggle” pricing, we can typically give you a pretty good estimate on the phone and a formal proposal by the next business day.